zaterdag 23 april 2011

QR Code Scanner Pro

Turn your phone into a QR Code scanner and start connecting the physical world to your mobile device.

Want to scan QR Codes with your phone? Tired of using other scanner apps that fail to scan a QR code with your phone’s camera ? Problem solved with QR Code Scanner Pro from JaredCo.

the best app for scanning QR codes. since this function is not automaticly build in the blackberry, its wise to download it

donderdag 14 april 2011

PAC-MAN Championship Edition

Are you a dot-chompin' champion? PAC-MAN Championship Edition takes competitive eating to a whole new level! This true sequel brings slick new graphics and championship-caliber gameplay features with larger scrolling mazes, unique dot patterns and longer ghost chompin' combos! Go for a high score in 5 or 10 minute time limits, but beware! The higher your score, the faster the speed!

Who doesnt know this classic right? it costs 5 dollars on blackberry appworld, but thats a small price to pay to get your hands on this EPIC game

woensdag 13 april 2011


This is the classic snake game. You can choose from four difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard) and you can also adjust the speed of the snake. Very fun game!

yay snake!!

dinsdag 12 april 2011


Combine the explosive Ka-Glom jelly to blast blocks and get the ultimate chain reaction.
Ka-Glom is a high-pressure game of falling blocks. Of the two block types, only the Ka-Glom jelly is explosive. Connect four Ka-Gloms of the same color to start an explosive reaction eliminating all connecting blocks of that color. In building huge chain-reacting explosions your Ka-Glom Factor increases and the bonus points multiply. Play in Survival mode for a classic puzzle experience or try some deep thinking with the Puzzle mode.

Fun to kill time with. if you have nothing on your hands and just have to wait somewhere...this might be your app to get the time through

Screen Muncher

Munch your BlackBerry® screen and capture it as an image to share or keep forever!

This funny, cute and useful app then saves your screen Munches - send them to friends or post them on Twitter! Hilarious "MUNCH" sound effect, animation and vibrate happens every time you Munch a screen.

I recommend using this App. its handy to take screenshots sometimes...besides has a funny animation :D

Player For YouTube

Player for YouTube allows you to browse, play, search, share and bookmark YouTube videos on your BlackBerry® device with a very easy to use interface.

The following features are supported:

* Featured, Popular, Top Rated, Newest and Most Viewed Feeds
* Playing videos over RTSP Streaming or Wi-Fi and WAP
* Share video links by email with your friends
* Bookmark your favorite videos for easy access
* Search for videos, including saved search history
* Browse videos by Categories and Tags
* View user channels
* Click on links from other BlackBerry applications
* Support for High Quality videos
* Support for log into YouTube to manage favorites
* Embedded video player (no longer launches the browser)

WAYYYYY better than just watching youtube through your browser, while it also adds more functions, from my point of view its easier to look up some videos


UberSocial is a full featured location aware Twitter client which supports all of the features of Twitter as well as advanced capabilities such as: photo integration, embeded videos in tweets, tweet shrinking, URL shortening, twitter lists, changing your twitter avatar, saved searches, conversation threads, twitter profile editing, view who is retweeeting you, and a plethora of other features.

This is the app i use for twitter. IMO way better than the original twitter app
so i recommend every twitter user to switch over to this app

Facebook App

Stay on top of your social life with Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones. This free application makes Facebook services - like sending messages, poking friends, writing wall posts, inviting friends to join and uploading photos - available on the go! Take Facebook wherever life takes you and don't miss a beat!

For those who have a facebook (not me) this app might be handy, ive heard a lot of great responses to the layout and user-interface

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry® smartphones allows you to chat in virtual real time with your instant messaging IM contacts when and where you want to, not just when you're in front of your computer.

Windows live messenger for your Blackberry phone
'Nuf said!!

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is a cross-platform smartphone messenger available for BlackBerry® and 3 other major handsets. WhatsApp Messenger utilizes your existing internet data plan to help you stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family.

the App that functions like Blackberry Messenger for all phones
keep in touch in a likewise way with people with an other type of phone